HELP! Conversion Problems With Multiple Software

First time posting here. You guys seem to know your stuff, I hope someone can help me out.

Anyway, I have multiple AVI files I want to convert to DVD. Now, I have a retail copy of ConvertXToDVD that I bought not too long ago. I followed a few guides on afterdawn and bit-burners that focused on working with ConvertXToDVD. Everything went along fine, just as the guide had promised. Only problem is, I’m having major playback issues. The movies work fine on my standalone DVD player, but they freeze and pause constantly on my PS2. The movies were meant to be played on my PS2, so I don’t disturb my other family members. But they just won’t work. It’ll start up fine, I’ll see the menu, but it’ll freeze, pause, continue, freeze, pause, continue the whole time(only happens on PS2). It’s not the media either (Which is Imation 4x DVD+RW) since I created a backup of a movie I bought not too long ago (King Kong) with DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink. Burned it onto the same media, same speed( 2x) and it works fine on BOTH my ps2 AND standalone dvd player. Same exact media, it just wasn’t an AVI file and thus didn’t need any conversion.

I’ve also tried using WinAVI (I don’t like it as much as ConvertXToDVD) and the movies seemed to play about 25% better on my PS2(still froze and paused though, but less), but they’d play HORRIBLY on my standalone. I’ve tried multiple AVI files, multiple media, etc. same results on both winAVI AND ConvertXToDVD. Please help guys, this is getting really frustrating. Im willing to post any logs, specs, etc. Anything at all.


Help? Anybody?

I don’t mean to come off as annoying. But you guys are the only ones left to come to and ask for help. I still need help on this, and ANY would be appreciated.

What for media brands you’ve used exactly?