Help..!..Considering a 1620, but I'm so very confused



I’m considering buying the benq 1620, as my very first dvd burner, but I’m confused. I wanna get a device that do whar I want.

I read this blurb in the ‘poll’ thread.


  • DVD write quality: Good, with the latest firmware
  • Reading: Good, but there is a riplock (no hacked firmware to remove riplock exists yet)
  • Bitsetting: Yes
  • PI/PIF scanning: Yes
  • Misc: Good customer support/focus; official media overspeeding support (no need to use patched firmwares for overspeeding); the use of PCAV for 8x allows it to burn 8x discs very fast, good 12x and 16x speeds, too [/i]

So, I have some questions

1.Does riplock mean I can’t copy movies…??? Or what…??
2. What is bitsetting…??
3. What is PI/PIF scanning…??
4. I have an Xbox…
5. I have always had Liteon cd burners and have never had trouble, is benq
a better dvd burner than it’s Liteon equivelant…??

Any other pertinent info would be good too, as frankly I’m not sure what to
look for and I’m somewhat confused by the various terms…



Riplock means the speed at which you can read the disk so it in turn affects the time taken to transfer the DVD to your hard disk. e.g. a riplock set to 6x means your limited to 6x for reading the DVD even if the drive is technically capable of reading it at anything up to 16x speed.

Bittsetting is s feature unique to DVD+R/RW/DL discs where they can change their “ID” which is called the booktype from e.g. DVD+R to DVD-ROM which enhances compatibility with devices that may have trouble reading the discs.
(Very handy for a modded Xbox)

PI/PIF scanning is a method of scanning the burn’t DVD and checking the quality of it, a good test to see how the media performs with your drive.
(Note Xbox games burned to a DVD disc can’t be scanned)

BenQ seems allright even though the first one I got I had to RMA the replacement has performed just fine I wouldn’t know if its a better burner than a Lite-On as I haven’t owned a Lite-On writer, as an Xbox owner mine has accepted most of the stuff that was burnt in the BenQ DVD-R or DVD+R though I do have the Samsung drive which is a good reader to begin with.

The drive itself is capable of over speeding media what that means is you can burn discs at speeds higher than their rated speed e.g. a DVD+R 8x could be burnt at 12x or 16x speed provided you get the right brand of course because its all about the quality of the disc. BenQ provide this over speeding officially in their firmware of the drive whereas quite a few others resort to custom/modded firmware’s so its a good choice for someone who doesnt want to be messing around with all the stuff but would still like the option.


I’ve had both LiteOn and BenQ burners. I too upgraded to a LiteOn DVD writer after having great luck with the LiteOn CD burner. On hindsite, I consider this to be a mistake. My advise is to stay away from LiteOn/Sony burners if you value high-quality DVD burns.

That said, the BenQ is NOT perfect either. We get persistent reports that the -R results are NOT first rate. This is argued, but the reports continue.

But I believe that there is one thing that the BenQ 1620 drive does REALLY WELL at - and that’s burning +R media. In general, the 1620 will produce higher quality results than most drives - EVEN WHEN YOU OVERSPEED the media. For the most part, this can be seen by comparing the CDSpeed “Quality Score”. The BenQ will more consistently produce a higher quality score than most other drives.