Help connecting speakers to SB

I have an SB Audigy and logitech z5300 speakers.
The audigy has 3 “line out” jacks (numbers 1,2,3), plus a digital out jack. None of these have colours.
The speaker cables are 3, green, black and orange, labeled front, rear and center/sub, in that order.

Any idea how i am supposed to connect them?
I want to have the “matrix” option enabled for the speakers, but can’t find a good way to do so.

i use digital out of my Audigy 2 ZS’s to my Klipsch controller but not sure about yours…if you didn’t get a manual check this out>*&p_li=#computer

The Audigy 2 VALUE colour-codes the outputs:

1, Green, Front speakers L/R
2, Black, Rear speakers L/R
3, Orange, Centre/Subwoofer

The same arrangement should suit the other models too

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Thanks for the replies!
I now have the arrangement Matth said, and they seem to work fine, as long as matrix is off, which i think it’s meant to.

If I run creative diagnosies it still says that all the speakers are connected to the wrong place, but I have no ideia why…

Where exactly do I get to the “Matrix” setting so I can disable it.


Matrix is a feature on the z5300, but not on the z5500, at least from what i can see on logitech’s site, so you shouldn’t have to worry about it.