HELP! Connecting a 160gb HD to a Wytron Controller

Is this a simple plug in and go procedure? or is there more to it?

Basically ive found a bargain duplicator tower but it doesnt have the hard drive which i require so i would like to purchase is seperately and install myself, but, i dont want to go into it blind and discover a lto of complications.

any advice would be very welcom before i start getting out of pocket.

The wytron controller will detect a properly installed hard drive (most pata models) and automatically partition it for CD’s or DVD’s. It is covered in the manual. Should work fine.

As long as the controller has a harddrive hook up option. Because some cheaper ones especially the ones sold without HDD’s don’t even have a hook up extra (IDE) channel for one.

Usually, the wytron controllers that permit hard drives will look for them on the same cable as the CD/DVD reader. The hard drive will be set as master and the reader will be set as slave.