HELP! Condre Autotracer Standalone Duplicator

Hey everyone I’m new here and i registered because this was the only forum i could find that relates to my question. Mods, sorry if this topic is in the wrong thread, feel free to move it if it is…

I have a Condre Standalone Autotracer Duplicator much like the one pictured in this link:

(all though mine is NOT a dvd dupe)

Anyways, i’ve put in some good use on it for the past 4 years and it’s finally gone kapooots. At first i thought it was the CDRW drives (TEAC CD-W524E), i replaced those with similar drives but i can’t seem to get it to dupe anymore.
I replaced them again w/ TEAC CD-W552E drives but same exact symptoms, so i’m sure it’s not the drives.

I’ve also tried a number of different combinations of brands of CD-R and masters but same issue.

Basically, I can start the job, it burns about 1/4 of the 1st CD, and then just hangs.

So my question is, if there are any hardware gurus / computer engineers out there that know how to Interface the hardware on the Dupe to see what’s going on? There is a RS232 port in the back (or maybe it’s a PS/2 port, not sure but i’ll check again) so i know there’s some way to get into whatever software is built into this system and troubleshoot it, but i wouldnt know where to begin.

Already called Condre and it’s long out of warranty so they’re telling me i’m S.O.L.

If ANYONE knows how to fix these, or know of anybody who does, please forward this post to them, or have them email me at

Thanks in advance! :cool: