Help - computer is killing CD drives?

I’ve been having a bit of technical difficulty for a while now, and I am looking for any advice people might be able to offer as to what is happening.

A short while back I bought a simple test box (Protech Celeron 400) to install Linux on in an attempt to learn a little more about webservers. I plugged everything into it, installed Red Hat 7 on it nicely, and was away.

After formatting the HD before reinstalling Linux, I noticed (after much frustration) that the CD Drive was no longer working and that I couldn’t install of CD. Figuring it was a fault with the CD Drive (which was somewhat old) I plugged in another, newer CD drive and installed off that.

It was later wiped again as I leant it to someone who installed 98 for some testing…when they went to install it, though, they found the CD drive failed to work.

I think I plugged in another CD drive at some stage which also failed to work.

At first I thought that the computer might be burning out the drives, but they power up and eject the trays fine…just fail to read from CDs at all. BIOS acknowledges their existence too.

I’ve read at a couple of places that a version of Mandrake destroyes the firmware on LG drives, and I’m wondering if this is the problem, and if there is any way I could test for this.

If there are any suggestions anyone could make as to how to I could test to see what’s going on, or how I could try resetting the firmware on my CD drives, it would be much appreciated. I’m quite new to a lot of the hardware side to computing, so I’m grateful for any advice anyone can offer!

Cheers in advance.

Hi there and welcome aboard!

This issue with Mandrake Linux and LG drives was quite a specific issue (and AFAIK, a Mandrake-only issue), so I don’t think that that’s the cause for this problem.

Did you ever try the dead drives in another computer? I wouldn’t be wondered if they work just fine. If so, this can due to a simple IDE cable with some broken wires, a bad connector etc etc…

So if you can test the dead drives, please do so and report back, as I don’t think RH7 destroys CDROM drives… (at least, I hope so :))

Cheers for the welcome :slight_smile:

I gathered that the problem with Mandrake was pretty specific, but it led me to think that my computer might have been doing something that was destroying the CD drive’s firmware…they seem to work mechanically and all.

I tried them in another computer, none worked in that either (though they were detected by BIOS and in Windows 98).

I can understand one CD drive dying at an unconvinient time, but two dying at around the same stages of reinstallation is a bit strange.

I talked to someone today who talked about flash upgrading the bios for the board, which I might try, don’t know if it will help at all though.

Thanks so far :bigsmile: