HELP! Compiling Failed

I am at a loss trying to burn a DVD. Every time I try to clone a DVD I get “Compiling Failed, Internal Error” at the end right before it starts to burn. I have used many different DVD Titles. I have used different media. I have upgraded to different version of AnyDVD and Nero software, with no success. I believe it is something simple but I can not figure it out. I have disable IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service with not success. Below are my computer specs and my log file. Thanks for any help.

Dell 2.4GHz
1GB Memory
2 SATA 80GB Hard Drives (C for system & D for Caching)
Pioneer A06 DVD Burner on Primary IDE 1
Pioneer DVD ROM on Primary IDE 2

Windows XP w/SP1
AnyDVD w latest updates
NERO Ultra 6 with latest updates
I have installed all components except InCD

********** Nero Recode 2 **********


Project type: Remake a DVD
Target size: DVD5 (2282925)

Burn settings:
Number of copies: 1
Write speed: 1385 KB/s
Temp folder: C:\Documents and Settings\myname\My Documents\Nero Recode (69750689792 bytes free)
Direct burning: false
Target media: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD-RAM
Shutdown when finished: false
Advanced Analysis: false

19:04:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 235
Compile DVD: init

VTS_01 Title Vobs [14414 vobus] 5481.53MB -> 4458.68MB [R 0.73]
Video: 3816.88MB, extra: 641.80MB
Audio: 4 streams
0. Dolby Digital 5.1-ch English 419.59MB [enabled]

  1. Dolby Digital 2-ch Spanish 179.50MB [disabled]
  2. Dolby Digital 2-ch French 178.93MB [disabled]
  3. Dolby Digital 2-ch English 179.33MB [enabled]
    Subpicture: 4 streams
  4. English - Normal Captions 14.74MB [enabled]
  5. Spanish 13.25MB [disabled]
  6. Spanish 2.21MB [disabled]
  7. French 2.83MB [disabled]

19:04:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 1142
Compile DVD: begin copy 1

19:04:27 File NeroRecorderBase.cpp, Line 534
Writing to disc: DVD-R

19:04:27 File NeroRecorderBase.cpp, Line 548
Free capacity on disc: 2286460 sectors (2298496)

19:04:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 452
Compile DVD: burning 2286460 sectors (2282925 required)

19:04:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 645
Compile DVD: adjust target size to 4465.74MB (4465.74MB obtained)

19:04:27 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 518
Compiling DVD Volume started

19:08:19 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 385
Internal error.

19:08:19 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 386
Compiling DVD volume failed

19:08:19 File burn_dvdfiles.cpp, Line 304
Compile DVD: exit