Help..Commentary Hell

I have AnyDvd and CloneDvd which have worked really well.

Lately some movies I’ve tried to back up “MI2, XMen1((special edition), The Day after Tomorrow” all copy with great quality but I can’t get rid of the Director’s commentary which plays through the whole movie.

Whether i copy just the movie or the whole Dvd, the menu won’t even let me select a version with no director chatter. Some will play back on my computer fine but all when played through a JVC dvd player hooked up to the TV have the freakin commentary.
What type of protection is this ? and yes I try AnyDvd to rip to the hard drive first with the same results. Thanx in advance.

It almost sounds like youve only got the directors commentary.
Run it thru the first phase of DVD SHrink and verify that you have [B]both[/B] the directors commentary and the regular soundtrack on your disc.
If you do have both, you can use Shrink to either remove the directors commentary or to tell DVD program to use regular sound track.
If you dont, maybe AnyDvd is having a problem with these discs.
You might want to try the FREE DvdFab HD Decrypter program and see how that works for these discs.

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You can preview & change titles etc with CloneDVD2.

[B]If doing whole disc. Uncheck boxes containing stuff you don’t want. (Of course make sure that what you want is/remains checked.) Here you can use Preview window to see what is what.[/B]

[B]Movie only. Ensure the files you don’t want are unchecked, those you do. Are checked. Red oblongs highlight Director’s bit.[/B]

[B]Thankyou everyone[/B], I’ll give it a shot !!!