Help Combo IDE5216CO



I just got a acer system that comes with this cd-rw/dvd drive called
Combo IDE5216CO and i was wondering where i could find firmware for this thing. I’ve searched around and no clue on what this thing is…



this “thing” is a BTC drive, the latest available firmware can be found here.



hey thanks,
how did you know it was BTC? i looked around for so long and there was nothing on google either…


hi gang, i have the same sought of question, what breed of combo drive is a QSI CDRWDVD SBW-241, it’s a slim laptop drive [HP/Compaq]. i’d like to find out some info on it if i can.
main reason is that i was trying to reset the region codes. i have 4 liteon dvd burners in my main pc and i have most of the utilities for them, that makes life a lot less stressful when you have an oops. would anybody know if a utility is available. thxs Pete


Dear All,

With CD everything it is OK.
But when I try to read a DVD I receive the following message:
“No disc in drive F:” :a

I use PowerDVD.

There is sombody who can help me?
Thank you in advance.



I have the same problem. I have updated teh Firmware and still no luck. does anyone know how to fix this…??



Uninstall PowerDVD properly, then re-install it.


I’m also having trouble with this drive(IDE5216CO). My Windows 98 machice detects the drive as a CD-ROM. I believe it has to do with the drivers. The firmware is up to date. I summited a request to IOmagic for help. I’ll have to wait and see what they have to say.



I’ve got the same problem too. Damn this faching CD/DVD


hi how can i find out what combo ide5216co i have


becouse I can’t read not even normal cds, i can burn them but i cant see what i burned…


You can run tools like Discinfo, Nero infotool, DVDinfopro to find out more about your drive.


My Combo IDE5216CO burns the disc also, but it won’t read the disc it has just burned. Also it won’t read hom-made discs either. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?