Help Cloning CD

Hey,…sorry but I’m new at this so this might be a stupid question,…I bought NHL 06 a while ago but the CD is starting to not run smoothly beacuse of scratches,…I tried to make a clone of the game but it doesn’t work,…I probably did it wrong since i just used Nero to copy the CD,…it installs the game fine but when i start it it just says to eject and put it in again because it can’t be read,…

but after reading some threads on this site, I realized that the game might be protected,…so i used Clonyxxl to check both CDs,…it says that each CD is protected by SafeDisc V2,…

I was wondering how i could clone the CDs and play the game with the cloned CDs so that I can still play the game when my original stops working,…I only have Nero and Daemon right now,…is there a way to do it with just those two or do i have to get other programs?,…what programs would i need to clone the CDs and how do i do it?

Once again, sorry for the newbie question,…and THANKS A LOT!!!

Try CloneCd or Alcohol 120%. Since it is V2 of SafeDisc it should run without emulation. Try that come back if it doesn’t work.

I have just installed CloneCD but i don’t know how to use it to make another copy of my cds,…do i use “read to image file”, “write to image file” or just “copy cd”?,…

do i need to use Daemon to mount image first?

any specific step by step instructions would be greatly appreciated,…THANKS!!

It’s not safedisc 2 but more like safedisc 4. Clony xxl has not been updated for years and is obsolete. Try using A-Ray scanner instead.

You might also tell us what drives (i.e. burner/s and other cd/dvd rom/s) you have.

I used A-Ray Scanner and scanned the CDs and it says SafeDisc 2/3,…so how can I burn/copy it so that I can used the copied version to play?

The 2 burners I have are: