HELP CloneDVD Error Incorrect size showing?


I am tring to copy a DVD for my other half, i have lost count on how many DVD’s i have copied using CloneDVD and have never really had a problem before.

i tried copying 8 Mile - R2, all the setting are the same as i had them when copying before, Writable disc size is at 4.7gb (DVD 5), Video Size 4483mb, in main menu mode the DVD-Video Quality is at 100% and the DVD-Video size is showing 3633mb, on pressing start the input size is 3633mb and the output size is 4483mb.

it rips the DVD ok but when it just about to burn the dvd this error pops up with the title CloneDVD.

Currrent movice size 5384 exceeds your specified target size 4483,
please remove some unecessary content.

Confussed i checked the file size on my HD and it read 5.5gb, so i restarted the computer and tried again, same error same time, so i tried again but unclicking some of the audio and subtitles, again same error same time?? i have even tried using a different source drive :confused:

Can anyone help please??

What is the version number of the CloneDVD you use? Something different than

Im using CloneDVD


Wrong CloneDVD mate…

Could some one explain please. ive been using this version for about 5 months now??


Im using CloneDVD

This is not elby clonedvd you are using an inferior product go to and you will see the software related to the
discussion forum here.

Would you say that CloneDVD2 is worth having??

if not then what version of cloneDVD from Slysoft will i need

This is an excellent piece of software when used in conjuction with anydvd
lifetime free updates anydvd is regularly updated to get past any new protection
schemes .Well woth the dollars you can trial both for 30 days you will be impressed

Thank you, ill get the hole suite and see if this all helps

Thank you for you help

Hi :slight_smile:
You can click on links in my sig for AnyDVD/CloneDVD2. BTW trial period is 21 days, still plenty of time to decide. During this time both are fully functional & any upgrade that appears can be applied. What more could you want? :wink:

Thank you, i have just downloaded but need to restart now

Cheers for the help

im using
CloneDVD Version 3.9.1
so i must use v2.8.5.1 as said on this thread ? is it more reliable ?

it’s an entirely different program. is the ONLY reliable clonedvd and its current version is

anything higher than that and you’re using the inferior product which relies on people making the mistake of selecting the wrong program. it always stays version numbers AHEAD of CloneDVD2 to rope people in and make then think they’re getting the most recent version to make money…shady business practices if you ask me.

thx man
im using slysoft version now . looks betta :slight_smile:

does that mean you are using the betta version? … ha, ha, yuk, yuk! :rolleyes:

Could be an “extended” beta, could be a tropical fish, could be almost better???..:slight_smile:

I meant its looks better :slight_smile: