Help Cleaning a DVD-rom

HI! ive recently bought a new DVD burner, but ive just realised that my other DVD-rom drive is dying. I think it needs to be cleaned. Some people has told me to buy a DVD-rom cleaner, but i dont want to spend any $ if possible. They say i could clean the device with a Q-tip and some alcohol. The problem is that i dont know where the laser is! Will i have to open the drive? It is difficult to reach the laser head?

Thanks in advance! :wink:

You need to open the case. If you can’t see the laser, then use the DVD burner to read AND burn.

Thanks for the reply! Well, ive tried to open the case, and i couldnt see the laser…the case was hard to open in the inside…and i ended breaking it! So, ive throwed it.

So, now i’ve got 3 possibilities. Please recommend me what’s better:

a) New DVD burner (ultra dma2 = 33MB/s) + old CD-RW (multiple word dma 2)

b) New DVD burner (ultra DMA 2) + CD-ROM (ultra DMA 2)

c) Only DVD burner


Oh! i forgot to say that the old CD-RW is a Yamaha 8424E, and the CD-ROM drive is a Creative 48x.

so long as the cd-rw burns ok in multi word mode i would go for this option.

I would go with the DVD burner. If you cannot copy CD-Rs, then add the CD writer as a slave to the DVD burner. I like to keep it simple. A single DVD burner will reduce the load on your power supply. This will result in less heat and less noise for your system.

Be very very careful when using Q-tips and alcohol. It’s better to use distilled water and a tip that doesn’t shed its fur :slight_smile: