Help choosing dvd writer

have a 811s its not erasing cdw’s with new version of clonecd,
so i think its faulty. its still under warrenty so its going back.
which one next liteon 851 £75,
nec 2500a £70
pioneer 107 £90

what should i do ? stay with liteon or try something else.

First off.
Have you tried erasing the CD with
DVDInfoPro yet?

Get the 2500A if you can get or have a DVD-ROM drive to read media with.
If not get the 851S if you plan on using good quality media.
If not get the Pioneer 107.

havent tried dvdinfo pro ill give it a go and let u know.
thanx jay

just tried dvdinfo pro, wont erase cdrw just keeps saying the cdrw
is a dvd+rw cant change any of the ticks when box pops up wont erase just keep getting error message

I’m an idiot. I was thinking it was a DVD-RW not CD-RW.

I would still recommend trying a different program to erase the CDRW before calling the drive bad.
A copy of RecodNow should have come bundled on the Sonic CD with your drive. Try erasing the CDRW with it.
If you can’t find RecordNow on the CD read this.

Also, have you tried more then on CDRW and/or any other brand of CDRW?

nero works, clonecd only erases cdrw with 24102b liteon.and not 811s.

Good to hear :iagree:

just been off the phone, they the drive is not faulty ,cause it erases cdrw & dvdrw so they wont replace it ,so i hope someone sorts out a mod 4 this soon. 8xdvd-r or to the 812 specs would be nice thanx anyway ssseth 4 the replies cheers

No problem, although I think it’s illogical to expect any drive to perform beyond the specs you bought it at. They promised you no more, no less.

None-the-less I am hopeful as well :smiley:

just installed recordnow dx that erases cdrw with 811s just doesnt like clone…knew this drive was picky with media,but software as well …lol

can’t beat a nec 2500a with hacked firmware :slight_smile: