Help choosing a new internal dvd writer

I am looking for a new dvd writer but I can not choose one, I have been reading the reviews and it’s doing my head in. All I care about is quality of burns. I only use Verbatim & TY - r & + R. I would also like to be able to booktype +R’s into Rom.

To make it harder I only ever deal in cash and I live in Basildon in the UK where there are hardly any computer hardware shops.

I did want the Pioneer 110 but no one sells it :sad:

I was also looking at the Lite-on 1635s but the burn quality isnt very good at all. I could have bought this drive at PC World for around £40.

I would REALLY appreciate any help.

Did you think about a BenQ ?

Hi :slight_smile:
PCW have a c**p selection of writers at present. I don’t if it’s worth going online with them & trying ‘collect at store’. Otherwise get a relative with credit card & get the BenQ 1650 0r 1655 from here. The 1655 is about £5 over your budget, 1650 £5 under with p&p inc. Taken budget (£40) from the price of writer selected at PCW.

All the stores I called do not sell Benq drives (Dixons, Currys, Comet, Pc world, Tower radio etc) I tried getting the Benq 1640 / 1655.

If I knew anyone with a credit card I would not be having this problem, as I would of bought the Pioneer 110 from for £35.

The Pioneer 110 cannot booktype DVD+Rs to DVD-ROM by default. So if you want booktyping, it’s out of your selection. It does however, booktype DVD+DL to DVD-ROM.

I said “by default” because If you don’t mind mucking around with firmware, you can flash the drive with firmware from Buffalo, which will let you do booktyping on DVD+R media. That voids the warranty of course. So you can get what you want with the 110, but those are the risks. It’s up to you, of course.

Other possible choices are the LG GSA-4167B or maybe the Sony DRU-810A (which is an OEM BenQ 1640, a fine drive).

The ASUS 1608P2 is a rebag of a 110 and all 110s can be flashed to an A10! Very nice unit! +R media and book type has not been a problem with me so far! All my +R media play in my stand alones and portable players! The book type problem is more in older players and can be fixed with bitsetting with buffallo FW! But I prefer the very fast read speed of the A10FW!

BTW the 1655 would be a great product for you!

There is a computer fair (Premier Computer Fairs) that does Basildon (Bae Systems Club,
Gardiners lane south, Basildon) and Romford (City Limits, aka the Rollerbowl).

It’s not as good as it used to be, but there are still some good traders there - the next one will be January 29th at Romford - if they keep to schedule, maybe the next week at Basildon, though unless both trader and visitor interest builds up a bit, this show circuit may be reaching the end of the road.

I guess theres always ebuyer - huge selection, good prices, slow carriage, questionable service - when they were smaller, they were great, but they are victims of their own success.
How much choice do you want?

Needs a card though, credit or switch.