Help Choosing a DVD Writer



Hi guys… I’m off to buy a DVD Writer for my machine as it never had an optical drive. :slight_smile:
I’m looking for an all around drive where I can also read, burn CDs. I also consider Lightscribe enabled drives.

I need one for mainly:

[li]DVD movie burns[/li][li]Data DVD burns[/li][li]CD burns[/li][li]Audio CD burns[/li][li]VCD burns[/li][li]Lightscribe[/li][/ul]

I’m browsing for reviews and comments about which brand are the best ones. I never had an optical drive so I don’t know what to pick.

I’m looking at the following models:

[li]Asus DRW‐2014L1 20X[/li][li]Samsung SH‐202N 20X IDE[/li][li]Liteon DH‐20A4H 20X IDE[/li][li]LG 20X GSA‐H55L[/li][li]LG 22X GH22L[/li][li]Lite‐On 20X DH‐20A4H IDE[/li][li]Samsung 20X SH‐S202N[/li][/ul]

They’re the closest ones to buy for me…ü
If you’ve got recommendations, I’d be glad to hear about them.



@ mikko3024,

Welcome to the Forum.

Whatever Drive you decide on do not heavily weigh LightScribe as being a major determining Factor. Both LightScribe and LabelFlash is just a ‘Gimmick’. You should have “Burning Quality” as heavily weighing as the major determining Factor in your decision and not some LightScribe/LabelFlash “Gimmick”.

Suggest reviewing the “The top 5 Optical drives of 2008” ( Forum thread and note what Forum Members suggests.