Help changing region code of a dvd image!



Thanks for any help!

I have a dvd image of a movie and it is in pal format. Is there a way I can change the code of it so it will play in a NTSC player??. I tried with Decrypter but i cant seem to do it.

Thanks again!!


To convert a PAL movie into NTSC you must reencode the entire movie. You need a MPEG encoder (for example Cinema Craft Encoder or TMPGEnc), and then a DVD authoring software to convert MPEG file into VOB files. Maybe is simpler to find a DVD player able to read both PAL and NTSC movies.

Try to take a look at this site: there are plenty of tools (many free) to do these conversions


Just to be precise: region codes and video standards (PAL/NTSC/SECAM) are two totally diferent things :wink:
Changing the region code is a breeze when using DVDShrink, but transcoding PAL to NTSC is another story. :doh: