Help: CDRWin error with CUE sheet made with EAC

I have an album on my computer that was originally divided into files (.wav) by EAC, and each file a track from the album. EAC also generated the cue sheet for this album.

The problem is that when I try load the CUE sheet in CDRWin, it reports an error. I have invesitigated this a bit, and what it appears to me is that the pregaps of a track have been appended to the previous file.

If the gaps were at the beginning of the file, it would be very easy to simply specify INDEX 00 00:00:00 and then INDEX 01 with however long the gap was. But the pregap of track 3 (in file 3) comes at the end of file 2.

I opened the CUE sheet up with Notepad to see exactly what was going on. When the CUE sheet calls up File 2, it lists both Track 2 and Track 3. Under track 3 it puts INDEX 00 00:00:00, just as it should be to indicate a pregap.

File 3 then does not mention any track, but simply puts INDEX 01 00:00:00, which is supposed to mean that TRACK 3 starts here.

Here is a clipping from the cue sheet (x’s represent the file names):

FILE “02 - xxxxxxxxxx” WAVE
TITLE “xxxxxxx”
PERFORMER “xxxxxxxxxx”
INDEX 01 00:00:00
TITLE “xxxxxxxxxx”
PERFORMER “xxxxxxxxx”
INDEX 00 03:56:10
FILE “03 - xxxxxxxxxxxxx” WAVE
INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE “04 - xxxxxxxx” WAVE

Does anyone know how to fix this CUE sheet so I can burn in CDRWin? I looked at the PREGAP and POSTGAP commands, but they add gaps rather than read into the .wav file.

Use a program that accepts non compliant cuesheets: EAC, Burnatonce, Burrrn…

well i suppose i could, but really, is there no way to do this in CDRWin?

CDRWin doesn’t support noncompliant cuesheets (that are created by EAC).

If you created it in EAC, why not burn it in EAC? Its simple really. Unless the album in questoin was obtained by other means?

Instead of trying to use the cue sheet just add the tracks to CDRWin, it will create it’s own cue for it.