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You’ve probably seen them on other sites too, links and buttons that ask you to donate. As the internet advertising is really really bad, we also decided this is one of the few ways we can get some…

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:7 Hey I never donate but I sent in 5 bucks. The sunday newspaper cost about 2 buck and I buy it every sunday. Cdfreaks I visit everyday and it is more valuable. I hope others will donate. Come on I dare you. Scum from Kemah, texas

Jeez, I would expect more feedback for this than another update to CloneCD! I pity the fool who dont donate! LOL! I always wanted to say that, but seriously, donate! Let this not be another CDRSOFT!

Is there a Post Office Box that we can mail a donation into ?

CDRSoft is already returned and backed with some sponsors. Besides, CDRSoft needs more sponsors than CDFreaks due to different characteristics each site has. Eg, bandwidth problem. Feel free to donate to any good site you love just like this one!

Hey Freaks, if you should post a Bank account nr. on the site, I would gladly give a donation or two :4 …if some guy’s can use it : YOU ARE !

But please…an account in Belgium…otherwise there are extra costs involved :c and i hate to wast money !!!

What about making some T-shirts like you have done one time before ? You could make some $$$ in that way. I purchased a T-shirt last time and would be happy to buy some again. Maybe you could make 2-3 different T-shirts this time ? I will buy 1 of each :slight_smile:

After all…merchandise is one of the best way of making money… :wink:

Yeah, T-Shirts! I need a new one… :8 I would buy one… (or two :4)

Good ideas guys! How about CDFreaks-made Super CD-RW drive? :d

I’d buy coffee mugs and mouse mats. I really need a cool coffee mug for work :9

I’d love to buy a CDFreaks T-shirt or mouse pad. right now I’ve got a mundane mousepad that really needs replacing. the edges are pealing up and it says “Tandy” on it. Its OLD and I want a CDFreaks replacement! Some big 8x8 decals would be cool too, to stick on my computer case. I would go for a great big CDFreak bumpersticker too. Just some ideas. You could make a little merchandise page and sell them. bloat the prices a little to be sure to have it be more donation than purchase, like EFF’s T-Shirt (I think its $65). Thats a bit much, but I’d gladly pay $15-30 if you had a snazzy logo on the back and the CDFreaks font/type on the front. That or a great big CDFreaks on the back. oh, and the shirt would have to be black. I only buy black based shirts:D

As scum1 mentioned before with his SundayPaper, CDFreaks is really worth it to donate some bucks. Merchandising for example T-Shirts, MousePads or CoffeeMugs would also be great! Okay, guys go on like this, it would be to bad to lose CDFreaks! PS: I am going to donate 5€ now. The Price of two c`t Magazines

I am one who never donates to those sites either but in this case i feel like i should because ive got so much great info from the forums. and since i have a paypal account it would be pretty shitty of me if i didnt donate something so i kicked in $5 a small price to pay for such good info. i would also be interested in getting a cool cd freaks t-shirt or some other kind of merch. and i challange all you cheapo`s out there that visit everyday to kick in $1 at least, comon guys its worth it.

Thank you all for your contributions, it is good to know our work is appreciated. CD Freaks would be nothing without its visitors, it is all of you for whome we do our very best to keep you updated on the latest news and of course try our best to help you on our forums. Again, THANKS!

Another suggestion for CD Freaks merchandise: some attractive branded and unbranded beermats and coasters. Sorry. Someone had to say it.