Help! cd-dvd speed issue

cd-dvd speed isn’t detecting any of my external drives :sad:

We need more info seeker. :slight_smile:

System specs, firewire/usb2.0, does Nero Burning ROM or ImgBurn detects them? etc…

right of course
sempron 64 3400+
asus k8n-e deluxe
seagate 7200.7 on nforce sata
px-716a, liteon 1635s and plex premium on pata
ata highpoint raid 5
radeon x800xl
windows xp
2gb ram
external: plextor 5224a and nec 3550a and liteon 165H6s
it detected it before. I’m not sure what caused it not to detect, but it might have something to do with moving my hard drive off of the sii3114 controller and onto the nforce3 sata controller.
NOT using nforce ide drivers.

forgot to add that nero and imgburn can see drives just fine. plextor cdrw is on usb2.0, dvdrws are on ieee1394

hmm… it appears if I rename nero’s aspi I have full access again. gahh. :sad:

blargh. seems to be an conflict with daemon tools.

As mentioned in another thread recently, I always put Nero’s wnaspi32.dll in the same folder as CDSpeed.exe.

already tried that. that’s how I figured out it’s nero’s aspi that’s causing the problem. seems to be a conflict between daemon tools and nero aspi.