Help capturing Closed Caption

Here is what i have to do. We have over 150 dvds created before i got here with Closed Caption on them. All these videos were converted to RealPlayer streaming before i got here. Since working here we have stood up a Flash Media Server (FMS). We have not moved over all the videos because I have not been able to capture the closed caption and convert to flv files. This is what i have.

Adobe Master suite. (pretty much every program adobe has)
Osprey 530 capture card.

I have downloaded lots of programs to try and capture the closed caption but nothing seems to do the trick. The only way i can get the CC to show up is to play it on a tv. I have the DVD player hooked up to the Osprey card but no way to turn on the CC. The dvd player does not have the option to turn it on. CC is rendered by the TV.

Anyone tried this? Any help would be great. :slight_smile:


any suggestions are welcome.