Help! Can't write MCC03 RG20 above 8x!



I cannot get my 1640 to burn MCC03 RG20 above 8x. I flashed back to BSJB hoping it would fix it but it still will not burn above 8x

Any ideas? All my other drives burn above this speed fine. All my other media overspeeds above 8x using BSKB on the 1640 just fine too.


With TYG03 DVD-R 16x I had to turn off the overspeed to get it to write at 16x. Guess becuase it’s rated 16x media. Maybe give it a try.:slight_smile:


Check this

MCC 03RG20 (Verbatim) Burned at 12x
BenQ DVD DD DW1640
Firmware: BSKB

  • WOPC (On)
  • Solid Burn (Off)
  • Overspeed (Off)


Your fast pinto 2. Made your point with fewer words.:bigsmile:


I am wasting discs here guys. I have tried reflashing to BSJB. Reflashing BSKB twice. WOPC on and off, Overspeed on and off. SolidBurn on and off. Nothing works!


If the media is crap, will the Benq simply refuse to burn above 8x? No matter what options are selected? I noticed when scanning a disc on the Benq 1640 that I burned at 12x on my NEC 3540 it was a bit rubbish. Likewise when burned at 12x on my Lite-on 1673S and scanned on the Benq 1640

EDIT: This media is terrible. Probably why it won’t go over 8x. Even scanning an 8x burn it’s not the greatest. Remind me never to buy Infiniti media again!


The benq want good media to get optimum speed :wink:

The worst I’ve seen is 2.4x with rubbish optodisc 16x DVD+R media…


So does the Benq auto sense the quality of the media as it’s burning regardless of what settings and what speed you select and auto slows the burn speed down?


Basically yes

I did manage to write @ full speed regardless of the quality:

OverSpeed: ON, SolidBurn: OFF

That setting is not possible, except with a pre-release firmware and QSuite that I have.


Hope it works or they will get it working. I didn’t know you couldn’t burn with Overspeed-on and Solid Burn-off until i tryed. Was wanting to try burns that way.


OC-Freak is this a forthcoming firmware or a pre-BSKB firmware you are referring to?


a Pre-BSKB firmware.

I don’t think they will allow this in official releases as this gave about 90% coasters for me.


Are you sure there isn’t a problem burning -R media? I am now trying to do a test burn 4x Ritek G04 at 8x but even though it says I can burn up to 16x if I choose 8x it just writes at 4x regardless.

Hmm. It took 16:20 to burn too.

Something is definitely wrong. CMC MAG AE1 now and it won’t write above 2.4x!!!


I just tried MCC02 RG20 and it won’t burn above 2.4x either. Can anyone help?


erm, it’s actually possible with BSKB even if you use QS 1b8 to do the SB/OS settings 1st.



Well -R is definitely broken in Benq’s firmwares.

I flashed back to BSHB then BSJB and burned Yellow Datawrite CMC MAG AE1 at 8x and Ridisc MCC02 RG20 at 8x fine. But when I flashed to BSKB again it would only burn those MID’s at 2.4x! :a

I went back to BSJB and burned a grey Datawrite CMC MAG AE1 it would only burn at 4x! WTF is going on!!!


Yes BSKB is definately broken for MCC02 RG20 when overspeed is turned on, it burns them at 8x fine when this is turned off, but 2.4x for me too when turned on.


Overspeed was turned off and it still burns at 2.4x


I managed to get those Infiniti to burn at 12x with BSJB but the media is :Z


Verbatim 16x DVD-R (MCC 03RG20) @ 16x
BenQ 1640 (May '05, China)
OverSpeed: On
SolidBurn: Enabled/Enabled