Help ! can't upgrade DD-A500GX formware


I’m trying to upgrade my DD-A500GX firmware as the Divx playback can be out of sync sometimes. Tech support suggested this to me.

I’ve downaloded the file and burned it to a disk but the DVD recorder just spits it out after about 10 secs and does nothing !!! :frowning: :sad:

I’ve tried it about 4 times on different disks, am I doing anything wrong ??

What is the filename you burned to the CD? Did you finalize the CD after burning it? What message does the unit give when it tries to read the CD?

Its a .da1 file extension.
The player just identifies it as a data file then opens the tray.
I’m sure I did finalise the CD after burning it.

Do I finalize it on the PC or the DVD recorder?

Finalize on the PC, should be mode 1 no multisession, your best using a cdrw so that you can reuse the disc later.