Help! Can't update my firmware


I have been trying to update the firmware on my Sony CRX215E5 CD-RW drive. I can’t seem to figure out where I am going wrong. I have never done a firmware update before, so I figure I am not doing something right.

Here’s what I have done: after downloading the firmware update .zip file (version 6.1M), I made the update disc to be used upon restart like the directions said (I think I followed all the directions properly when doing that).

Anyway, I restarted the puter just as it says to do, but there are no onscreen instructions to follow as there are supposed to be during restart. The update disc just spins in the drive, and the bitch just loads as it normally would. I’ve done everything that I can think of, but I am obviously not doing something right!

Also, I know that it hasn’t updated yet because it’s still got the same old firmware version (6.1L) listed in device manager.


What firmware have you used?

Open Devicemanager, delete the IDE channels and the drive entry, then restart, but in SAFE MODE and run the flasher.

Can’t you find a windows flash version! That would be easier! Just asking!

Don’t think so, the drive seem to be “obsolete”.

Hey guys and thanks for the replies,

All I know is that the disc that I created during following the instructions on making the “update disc” just has an .iso file (SP26324.iso) on it with two .BIN files (BOOTCAT.BIN & BOOTIMG.BIN) inside of it. Does that sound right for an “update disc”? Like I said, I am trying to update from 6.1L to 6.1M. I don’t guess it’s any big deal; it just pisses me off that I can’t figure out how to get it to work.


You should burn the ISO to a CD and run it or use the BINs to flash from floppy (AFAIK).
But the instruction should cover that process…?!