Help - can't set 1x in Nero to burn 8x DVDs

I am trying to make good copies of my movies on 1Media 8x DVDs. As those DVDs are quite low quality I need to burn them at 1x (or at maximum 2x) speed. Before I burnt 4x DVDs at 1x and got only 1 bad one out of 5, which
I consider as a good result for a cheap brand. Unfortunately, the Nero does not allow me to select speed lower than 4x for 8x DVDs and when I burn at 4x I’ve got copies that get stuck in the last 10…15 minutes of the movie. :sad:
When I go to Nero Express -> Final Burn Settings -> Writing Speed, I can see only three options : 8x, 6x and 4x. No 2x or 1x is available. :sad:
Can anyone suggest me what I should do to set the speed in Nero to 1x?

The program is Nero and the burner I use is Lite-On 812S (firmware : US0N).


I am trying to make good copies of my movies

Buy better media if you want good copies today and still be readable in 3 months.

@ Foma
The burn speeds come from the burners firmware for the media you are using, so I would suspect that the firmware doesn’t have a strategy for that media at that speed. Since you are lucky and have a Lite-on, you could load your firmware in OmniPatcher and enable whatever write speeds you want for the media you have. Read the thread and all ‘read-mes’ included. You will discover that you could flash your drive up to an 832. Results may vary. Back up your current firmware first.

However, I also feel that using better media will save you many headaches and much extra work in the long run.

Thanks for your reply.
So, you think it is nothing to do with the the Nero and I need to upgrade my firmware. Honestly to say I feel reluctant to do it as it looks quite risky.
Anyway I think I can give it a try some time later on. And I completely agree that I’d better use better media. Unfortunately I’ve got a whole spindle of those ones and I need to use them up.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

@ Foma
I would recommend getting better media now and saving the bad stuff for a better burner or trade to someone who has a burner that works well with the poor media :iagree: . You will only have more problems with the bad stuff. Better media may also delay or eliminate your need to update your firmware. There is only one firmware in the 812 series that is newer than US0N…US0Q. There is the 832-upgrade possibility, though…when you are ready:). Read up on it in the lite-on forum. You will also find good media types for your burner mentioned in the lite-on forum FAQ’s

And do you mind one more question :bow: :slight_smile:
Do you think flashing my drive with 832 firmware will improve its ability to get good burns on cheap media? And if so, do I need to flash firmware only or EEPROM as well? :confused: Thanks. :slight_smile:

@ Foma
832 firmware MAY possibly improve poor media burning results in some cases. It will improve good media results. I would recommend staying away from poor media, as it seems to cause a lot of problems and unneccessary headaches.

To flash to an 832, you do not need to flash your eeprom, only flash your firmware, but you should back up your eeprom first. Download OmniPatcher. Then download ‘CG3E’ from under the 832 here and select ‘CG3E’ from under the ‘LiteOn SOHW-832S’ heading. Go here and follow cross-flashing instruction method 1. In OmniPatcher(method 1, step 3), select “Apply recommended DVD…”, and “Increase dvd…”’ and " Enable auto=bitsetting", and “fix the 'dead…cross-flashing”(if that isn’t greyed out). Save the file. Then run the file(its an .exe file). Make sure you select the correct drive…restart and rejoice!

Thanks. I’ll give it a try.