Help! Can't register new anyDVD

Hi, I have been using anyDVD for a while now, but I never update unless I get to a DVD I can’t back-up. Well, today I had to update, but now I can’t register anyDVD. I follow the directions of the e-mail and it still gets the “Your trial time has expired” pop up when I try to open anyDVD. Does anyone know how I can fix this?

who is this e-mail [containing your key] from?

A friend. Its I didn’t buy the program. Is this why it won’t work? I’ve never had problems with it before and I’ve had it for a while.

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Although it’s CloneDVD2 the process is the same. Providing you have key or email attachment. Uninstall AnyDVD completely, then reinstall. Register following these steps.
edit this only works with bona fide programs & slysoft emails.

If you haven’t bought the Key from Slysoft, you’re basically S*** out of luck. Just buy from Slysoft and you wont have a problem…

that is why I asked where you got the key
as I did not want to flame you right away :wink:
because it was quite obvious it did not com from slysoft
Your key is/was illegal and has become blacklisted
If you like the program, please buy it and thus support the developers

There is nothing else we can help you with at this time

his key is illegal
got from a friend

Yeah, I thought that might be the reason. Damn… I want to buy anyDVD, I really liked it, but $40 is a lot.

I agree with all the other poster here get the reg and email from slysoft. Another words legally buy it.

Well, I would buy anyDVD, but I don’t really have the money right now. I just started college and had to buy books and stuff. I also need to buy a cell phone bc mine got water damage. So maybe after I finish buying what I need to I’ll definitley think about buying it. Anyways. Thanks for the help that you were able to give me. I’ll definitely think about coming back here if I end up buying AnyDVD (legitely)


Every once in a while slysoft post a coupon code so you may check back often like you I was in the same boat and thought it was the best investment I ever did. since you are in a tight bind currently I suggest use ripit4me and dvd shrink both are free.

Yeah, someone told me about ripit4me. I just downloaed that and dvdFAB decrypter. I was using AnyDVD+Shrink+Nero when I had AnyDVD so I already have Shrink.

Try DVD43. google it.


I’ll try taht out too.


I would definitely recommend Ripit4Me if you can’t afford AnyDVD. It works with all the newest copy protection schemes and is basically a 1-click solution. It’s a great piece of software. Ripit4Me + DVD Shrink will not disappoint.

DVD Fab Decrypter tends to have more problems with the newest ArCoSS protected DVDs like “Inside Man” than either AnyDVD or Ripit4Me, so I would give Ripit4me a go first. RI4M will also allow you to do a movie+menu or movie only backup so you don’t have to rip the entire DVD which means the process is faster.

lol, Inside Man was the reason I updated AnyDVD…

On RipIt4Me, if I do a Movie+Menu only, is there still hte options for the extras and nothing happens when you click them or what?

Far as editing the movie and such that is done within the copying program not the ripper / decrypter.

Well, jason said that Ripit4me has the option of only ripping movie+menu. How does it do this. What happens to the extra and other stuff?

Guide to use it

For F.A.Q. about RipIt4Me

For a animated tutorial guide by Photo

a real nice PDF file on RipIt4Me guides and links. You can download the file

These should really help you out I believe.

Correct, the menu is copied in its entirity and is fully functional but only the main movie is ripped. If you attempt to select and use a feature in the menu that has not been copied, you’ll simply be returned to the same page instantaneously as if nothing happened. You can select the removed features but when you click to play them nothing will happen.

It behaves the same way that a backup with “Copy DVD Titles” with menu would work in CloneDVD2. The menu still works properly, but rather than playing the extra, nothing happens.

BTW, if the menu links that don’t do anything really bother you, you can use DVDRemake Pro and remove the links so it no longer acts like a button.

No it wouldnt bother me at all, its actually somethi I would really be interested in. I was doin full dvd backups at like 68-70%, but I would never even look at extras. I did full backups because I liked havign the menu. This will be a very good option.