Help! can't read regular disc

My 2500-A has been reading regular CD-roms and now all of the sudden it just makes a “clicking” noise when I insert one. The cd still plays in my cd-rom drive but not the 2500-a. 2500-a will play my movies though. Any thoughts?

Maybe I wasn’t very clear:

My NEC-2500a plays DVD’s and DVD-r/+r

I’ve been using a cd with lecture notes for one of my classes on it and it’s read it fine. However today it’s not reading it, and i keep trying any cd rom and it’s not reading it. I uninstalled the drive and reinstalled it to no avail. The only thing I’ve installed lately are some windows updates and sony clie palm desktop. I uninstalled palm desktop and the drive still isn’t reading cd roms. ARGH! The cd works because I can read it in my regular cd-rom drive. I’d rather not have a DVD burner that can’t read cd-roms so someone please give me any ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Try cleaning the CD-ROM disc and attempting to read it again in your 2500A.
Some people have reported that their 2500A does not have the best reading capabilities, although I have never had a problem myself.

Nope, in command prompt it says “Device is not ready”. Slip a dvd in there, and it reads just fine. ARGH!!!

It sounds like the CD side of your ND-2500A might have failed. If the problem is repeatable across a range of CD media (pressed CD, CD-R and CD-RW), your only option is to return the drive.