Help - Can't read my DVD-Rs!

I’ve have about a hundred DVD-sVCDs (480x480 MPEG-2 video with 48KHz AC3 audio) on Memorex DVD-Rs that I created with my Pioneer 106D (firmware v1.07). I authored them with Mediachance DVD Lab v1.2 and used the ASPI module to burn them. The files played fine from my HD using PowerDVD prior to burning the DVD-Rs. There was no indication of any error at burn time. I’ve now discovered that I’m having difficulty playing any of them.

I’ve tried several stand-alone players and several DVD-R drives in my PC and none of them will play a movie all the way through without locking up. The movies generally play about half-way through before the trouble starts.

When I try to copy the DVD files to my HD, I get all the IFOs and BUPs with no problem, but get CRC errors when the VOBs begin to copy. I’m running Window XP SP2 with all the available updates.

I’ve tried to recover the data using Naltech DVD Data Rescue v1.2. After about 8 hours it manages to produce files of the correct size on my HD, but they don’t play well; i.e., there are errors in the files on my HD. Yes - I am 100% sure that the files played just fine before I burned them to the DVDs.

Interestingly, I’ve tried using the same process (DVD Lab/ASPI) to burn Memorex DVD+Rs and they work like a champ in all my players and drives.

Bottom line: I have about 200 movies that I will lose if I can’t figure out a way to recover the data from my DVD-Rs. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

That’s what you get for using CRAPPY Memorex media. Not sure if a drive with superior error correction capability will help. In the future, use Made in Japan media from Fuji, Sony, TDK, and Maxell. I would also limit the burn speed to 4X.

The DVDRs don’t have sticky full-face labels on them, do they?

What did you use to copy the files?

As suggested, try reading on another drive, preferably the ones that are great rippers
If all discs have same problem, which is strange, maybe there was manufacturing defect in this batch. How old are these discs, do they have big labels or otherwise have visibles flaws on the data side? Hey, sue Memorex :slight_smile:

I assume that aside from this batch you do not have problems ripping/reading/burning on this drive.

Anyway, just suggestions to try:

  1. Use DVD Decrypter, but set options in Tools/Setting/Device set read speed to 1X (remember to change after this project is done)

  2. Use DriveSpeed program to limit the speed to 1X, and read.

Good luck.

Good points. Most people don’t read the warning labels on the DVD box. DO NOT ATTACH stuff to the DVD!

Furballi - I didn’t realize that the Memorex media was so crappy - Thanks for the heads up. Like I said, I’ve had good results with Memorex DVD+Rs over the last couple of days. I’ll do some more experimenting after I either recover my data or give up. Which drives would you say have “superior error correction capability”? I have a Pioneer 106D and a HP 630.

Fritzi93 - No labels. They are printable discs.

Goudo - What did I use to copy the files? I burned them to the DVD-Rs using the Window ASPI module. I’ve tried to copy the files back from the discs using Windows drag-and-drop and the “DVD Data Rescue” app. The discs are brand new and have absolutely no scratches, dirt, etc… They are from a couple of different spools I purchased at different times/places and so are not likely from the same batch. I tried DVD Decrypter and Drive Speed as you suggested. Neither one seemed to help.

Thanks for all of you inputs.

Any other ideas out there?

Well, there’s ISOBuster, but I don’t hold out very much hope. Seems to be narrowing down to media, and how a particular burner works with a given media can be determinative.

If you set DVDDecrypter with a high retry number and also set it to ignore read errors after retries are exhausted, results may be acceptable. (An ignored error may result in nothing noticeable, a glitch, or major ugliness, but you’ve found that out.) Then there’s the usual: lens cleaning; wash DVD with mild soap and dry with soft, clean cloth; try another reader (My BenQ 1620 has recovered a few buggered DVDs I saved that nothing else had worked on. Don’t know why I saved them.); etc; etc.

Good luck. :sad:

If the Pioneer has problem with those DVDs, then you may be out of luck. Bring a few to Circuit City and test them with the store demo PCs.