Help cant play purchased music on wmp

I need your help. I purchased music from and I can’t play the songs. Walmart has already charged me because it shows as dounloaded but when I try to play it in windows media player, I get the following message “secure storage protection error, restore your licenses from previous backup and try again” How should I do to fix this problem? :confused:

Try to renew the licenses for the files and see if that works . . .

tried it, doesn’t work

I tried renewing the licenses and this didn’t work either.

If they’re WMAs the latest version of WMP should play them without any problems.

Unless WMP is goofed up.

Learn a Lesson…Stop Paying for MP3s over the Internet…You are just Wasteing your Cash.

How’s that?

You’re paying tangible money for intangible goods. Intangible goods with a fair chance of failing to do exactly what they’re meant to do - play music.

You’re kidding right?

I have never had any problems playing the files I’ve paid for. Ever. Protected or not.

Just because you can download mp3’s “for free” doesn’t mean you’re getting a file of better quality than when you de-DRM a WMA or MP3 purchased via iTunes, Napster or Yahoo . . . how would the goods fail to do what they’re meant to do? If “you” (all of the you’s out there) can’t follow the suggestions as to how to de-DRM a file that have been listed here and other places, maybe “you” should just stick to buying CDs.

This may or may not help
DRM Tools
1.Auto DRM Reset
2.Microsoft DRM KB Patch(XP)
Reboot Computer
3. go back to
DRM Tools
should work now to play songs

every once in a while drm licenses go crazy and i couldn’t play protected or non protected (wma’s/mp3’s)
see if this helps