Help! - can't play movies in ps2?

problem: cannot play copied dvd movies in ps2? the dvds played fine in the computer and dvd player. what’s the problem and how can I fix it? thx.

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we will need a bit more information to help you.

[li]which PS2 version (SCPH number on the back)?
[/li][li]which type of media (+R,-R,+R DL)?

I have the SCPH-30001 model PS2. I have tried DVD- and + media and different types and speeds. I have also tried to change the bitsetting around to see if it made a difference… all with no luck. The discs that I have burnt all work fine in PC’s and stand-alone DVD players. I have tried to burn w/ Nero and other apps as well. The PS2 does not recognize the disc. PLEASE HELP!!!

As far as I know, the PS2 laser is made to NOT read backup discs no matter if they are movies or games. You’ll most likely need a mod chip to play them.

The PS2 should be able to read copied discs without a mod chip - only it won’t boot games, but movies should be fine.

Older PS2’s can be very picky on what media they will read. If you search about you will find some people can not get copied movies to play at all!!

I would really recommened get the cheapest DVD player you can find and play your movies through that - I have killed 2 PS2’s now by play too many backed up movies on them!

My slimline PS2 can play DVD movie backups just fine; however a friend of mine has an older model and the laser sometimes struggles to read the DVD due to the dye on it. This was determined by using different media burnt at the same 4x speed. Sometimes the PS2 had to be switched off and then back on while the DVD was in the drive for it to recognise and spin it.

my ps2 version SCPH 30001 and its media its +R. it can play all dvd movies accept the blue ray one and i need to play the blue ray disc so can u help me. thanks

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you need a Blu-ray player or the PS3 for playing back Blu-ray discs. BD is a different technology, shorter wavelength and lower distance between laser and disc. So, there is no chance to playback BD on a PS2.

:cop:i know with xbox 360s u need have have internet hooked up well on the 360 live and u have to download a program which idk but is probbly illagal i am not sure if u do the same thing with the ps2 or not

[QUOTE=AnthonyMcintyre;2539860]… but is probbly illagal…[/QUOTE]

If it’s illegal then it can’t be discussed here.

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