I’m useing DVD Decrypter to rip the ISO but I get a error message???

I/O Error!

Device: [1:1:0] PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-104 1.31 (G)(ATA)

ScsiStatus: 0X02
Interpretation: Check Conditon

CDB: 28 00 00 02 1F 80 00 00 01 00
Interpretation: Read (10) - Sector: 139136

Sense Area: F0 00 030 00 02 1F 80 0E 00 00 00 00 11 05 00 00 00 00 5C 0B 00 00
Interpretation: L-EC Uncorrectable Error



What are you trying to copy?, is it protected disc if not then may be the disc is damaged or dirty.


He’s trying to copy Underworld Evolution—a recent movie. This may have a newer protection scheme that Decrypter can’t handle on its own, or may in fact have dirt or a scratch that is interfering in the decryption process. I don’t own this movie, so I can’t say if it has extra protection on the disk or not.

Inspect the disk for scratches and/or dirt. If this doesn’t seem to be the problem, download RipIt4Me and use it. The RipIt4Me site has plenty of instructions on how to use the program, so do some reading there.

Or you could try DVDFab Decrypter, or AnyDVD.


I know I managed without problems. Probably used CloneDVD2 with AnyDVD as I usually do. It was a while ago.


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If you still want to use DVD Decrypter, you can use it in combination with RipIt4Me.
While you’re at it, your firmware could use an update.


I did the R1 US version with The Mad Monks PSL plugin for PgcEdit long ago. DVDDecrypter can’t handle it by itself. If you own AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 try them or the suggested free solutions DVDFab Decrypter or Ripit4Me. All of them should handle it without a problem if your original DVD is not damaged.


From what I can tell, this is the “copy dvd” forum, so where are the posts being transferred to then. Please provide a link, as I cannot find them.


I went and got the trial download for CloveDVD2…what a differance!

It solved all the problems I was having, and works fantastic along with the Anydvd program.



for the record… i had no probs using the latest dvdFab of the time on that disc… however dvdshrink spit me an error -its all about getting the latest and greatest in some cases heh