Help can't make a copy of a copy

I am able to make copies using anydvd and dvd fab. My problem is if I want to make a copy of a copy I cannot do it. I have tried various copying programs without success. Can anyone help ?

I don’t get the problem. Just backup your original again.


If you are working with a source dvd that is not css protected in any way (which I assume your burned dvd would be) then you really do not need any sort of decryptor at all. Just disable AnyDVD, and drag/drop the files to your hard disk, or run CloneDVD or DVDShrink to process the files, or your favorite burning engine to copy the disk, etc.

Yep, don’t need any programs to do that except a burning program. As was stated, either copy it back over to the hard drive and burn it again or burn it disk to disk if you have two drives. If you still have the .iso and have Imgburn installed, simply right click on the .iso and select “burn with Imgburn”. Done.

You can use Nero or Roxio’s disc copy utility for copying a copy… If you have a burner, you probably go one of these two. I prefer CloneCD…but alas, its not free.

It doesn’t have to be complicated… its a simple 1:1 action.

To add on the various ways to achieve this, you can use DVD Decrypter. Just turn off all the remove protections and PUOs etc and do a DVD to ISO.