Help can't install 32x12x40

Got a new 32x12x40
Tried to install and it made my new computer not recognize the DVD now.
What did I do wrong? (Other than not building my own new computer)

I can’t put on the audio cable 'cuz the DVD takes up the proper connection to the motherboard.
It’s set to slave.
I got it to receive power and communicate but it overtakes the DVD so that the DVD isn’t recognized.
And when it was trying to read a CD it was total gobbledegook.


Hm, seems like you have serious problems…

Try to put the DVD-ROM as slave and the writer asmaster on the cable, do that make any difference?

In windows, go into device manager, is both drives shown there? What about DMA, is it enabled or disabled?

I’ve not had this problem before :rolleyes:

In your computers bios, all IDE-devices is set to auto-detect?

Hm, hm really strange :confused: