Help Cant Get Sh S203d to Flash

i just bought a samsung 203d burner and i am trying to load Ck firmware on it but i am not getting through

first i use wininquiry to identify the drive

then i tried to flash with the sfdnwin and the s203d firmware and get the error firmware not compatable

i then tried the no check option and it sayes flash cmd failed

i need some help

You might want to read this >

Dang i got the VT8237

so i guess i am a fish out of water

Hi,[quote=UFC;2031169]Dang i got the VT8237

so i guess i am a fish out of water[/quote]Silicon Image 3x12 or 3x14 based PCI Sata Controller cards (with Base Bios applied) work nicely.
If you don’t want to install such an add-on card, then you’ll have to stick with P-ATA drives like the 202 series.


so why cant samsung engineers fix this problem there is a lot of via chipset on the market this is not a problem they can simply overlook

You can’t expect the manufacturer of a peripheral device to fix buggy 3rd party components.
Those VIA southbridges do not comply with the standards, there are not only issues with Sata ODD (regardless of manufacturer), even some Sata HDD won’t work properly with that chipset.