Help can't get fabgold to burn

i can’t get the new fab gold to burn it just say put in media and i have tryed fall dvds help please :doh:

Hello eilnore
Before I start to help on this I need to know a few things 1st, first off did you get the issue about the new key problem taken care :confused:
because if not there is no point in me trying to help if the trial is over

yes i did and still nothing hlep please

Glad you got the key issue taken care of :bigsmile:
What version is the Gold you have on your computer :confused:
Does the program read the DVD that you are trying to backup :confused: What mode are you trying to use :confused:
Need to know as much information you can give us so we can find out where to start


Amen, just got back from church. LOL ~ Mike

OH a church go’er huh