HELP! Cant get 2 movies on one DVD



I have converted several AVI files to DVD files, and then used DVD Shrink to compress them, so that I can fit 2 movies or TV shows on one DVD. But Nero wont let me burn two identical IFOs, or change the name of one of them, and I dont think its possible to burn the IFO & VOBs of one movie and just the VOBs of another. Could somebody please help me out here? Ive searched the internet for guides/programs that could help, but Ive found nothing. :sad:


Check for more info/guides.


I too am looking for a way to do this (preferably from Hard Drive) There is a way explained in DVD Shrink Manual but this involes using 2 DVD Drives to copy the files into DVD Shrink (I Think From Memory) and I would like to actually copy lots of smaller files to DVD .
Someone Somewhere must know how to do this.


Sorry any pointers as to whereabouts on as it looks a bit scary for newbies.



ConvertX to DVD is easy to use, and does this. With the latest version you can create menus as well. You can choose the quality, and then naturally fit more on 1 disc. It can be found here:


I have this but have never tried putting 2 files onto 1 DVD - didnt know u could.
Always tried through other progs - will try this - thanks - and will let u know if it works ( prob tomorrow now)


If they can be compressed enough to fit on one disk, you should be able to compress and combine them in one shot from nero recode (skip dvd shrink). Open nero start smart. Find the icon that says “copy multiple dvd-video movies to one” button and click it. Click import titles, find your first video_ts folder. If this is just a single movie, it should show just one title. Import it, then go to the folder of your second movie and do the same. I’m really not sure what it does with the menus (never done it before), but that should combine and compress two movies onto one disk, asuming they can be compressed far enough to fit.


Avi2DVD would easily allow you to create a Video DVD from the source.