Help Cant Ger 812 Buring Again After Fls

Drive Worked…
Flash 832 (812 To 832)
Write Dl Media Tested Ok
Fails To Write X4 Dvd-r Media Now 10 Coster…

Try Flashing /cross Flashing Origional 812 Flash

All Fail (not To Flash) But To Burn 4x Media (printco 52)x4 Dvd-r

I Have 2 Drive In My System

Now The 812 Will Burn But Fail To Read The Disk After Its Burned…

(ps. Wont Read In Both Drives)

832 Burns Fine…

Option That I Have Tryied (flashing)

1 . Orig 812 Firmware
2. Cross Flash 812-832 Lat Vers
3. Cross Flas Back To 812 Latest Version
4. Re Flashed Orig 812 Firmware After 3.


Burn Makes Non Read Disks… Tyr All Dif Burn Soft…

Is My Drive Fu?(dead) Or Do I Have To Flash The Orig Erromp For A 812 Or What?

Need Help ?

You cannot cross post. You already have a thread opened about this! :cop:

my mistake wont cros post.

what do u mean by that?

You cannot have two posts about the same thing in different threads.