Help! Can't flash BenQ 1620 drive



Hi all,

I’m having a problem flashing my new BenQ 1620 drive(G7H9 firmware). When I run the B7T9.exe file, and pick the drive, it says “Drive not supported”. What is the problem.

Also, for some reason in Device Manager, the drive only shows
ATAPI DVD DD 2X16X4X16. Same goes for Nero InfoTool. What am I missing??


Your trying to flash a OEm drive with a retail firmware. Use firmware B7P9 if you don’t want to void the warranty of your drive.


Your drive is bulk=OEM and you are trying to flash retail=Benq fw.
You either need windwflash to cross-flash to retail (possibly voiding warranty) or get the G7x9 fw updaters.

Look into the fw thread sticky at top of this forum.


Deleted same information already provided.


that’s because you’ve got an OEM drive. The first time you flash it you need to use B7T9.cvt and flash it using winDWflash.exe.
you can find them both here
With a little searche you would have found it :wink:

be aware that by flashing your drive to an official Benq firmware you will loose your waranty. You might want to try your drive some time before flashing it.


delete please, information already given


whoa… thanks for all the quick replies, I really appreciate it. I actually did some searches after I started the thread, and found the unofficial firmware website with all the goodies, followed the procedures and now it fine, I have B7T9 firmware on it and it shows up as BENQ drive!

Thanks once again for all your responses :bow: :bow:


Another question if you don’t mind,

I understand RPC1 is some sort of region free “hack” for the drive, but I also read from a post that it has some drawbacks and if I don’t intend on reading DVD’s from around the world, I shoudln’t use it? Why is that?


I glad you found the goodies yourself and everything worked out fine.
Great tool that “search” :bigsmile:

Some have problems with the region free firmware. I wouldn’t use it.
Stick with what you got if you don’t realy need it. Getting into troubles is one thing, but getting rid of them is another issue. :slight_smile: