Help! Can't find my disk drives

Just got a new nec 3500 a week ago. installed it and all was fine then i saw a post about setting it as my master cdrom drive. After doing that it when i start my computer, it says that my secondary ide drives could not be found and neithe of my drives show up in windows. I’ve tried so many different things but i can’t figure this one out. need help desperately. thx

ps: is there any particular reason why it’s better as the master cdrom?


Couple of questions-

Are you using two drives on one channel - like a DVD-rom and your 3500?

If you are - set your DVD-rom as “Master” at the end of the cable and make SURE that the jumper on the back is set to “Master” then set your 3500 as “Slave” on the second (middle) plug and make SURE that the jumper on the back is set to “Slave”

Start your computer and check that control panel shows “DMA” enabled for both drives-


And if Mike’s suggestion doesn’t work, go into Device Manager and delete the IDE channels themselves and reboot so that when the computer re-boots it will find them again.


I’m using two drives on one channel. i set the 3500 as master at the end of the cable. I’ve tried using cable select and changing the actual jumpers but i still have the problem. i’ll try jtommyj’s suggestion. thx

i’ve tried all your suggestions and i still can’t get my drives to show up. my bios doesn’t even recognize my disk drives. any more suggestions would be a great help.


DON"T put your 3500 as “Master” and DON"T use cable select -

Please try it the way I described-


i tried the way u described. it’s actually still setup that way right now and none of the drives shows up.

Bios doesn’t recognize the drives ? Hmm, latest bios update, checked the bios settings, sounds stupid but sure that the drives are getting power thru the molex connectors,tried another drive (HDD or CD) on the same IDE to be sure they show up and cable isn’t bad ?..

Some ideas off the top of my head. Keep us informed.


Had that problem with a friends PC and when he pulled out the ribbon he pulled out some of the ribbon from the connector. Luckily i had brought 1 with me to trade out and it worked. Might try a new ribbon.