HELP! Can't even install CloneCD!

I just reformatted my system and began reinstalling everything.

I’m running Windows Me.

The other CD software I have installed is Adaptec direct cd and ez cd creator v4.03 deluxe.

When I try to install CloneCD, it gets all the way to where it starts installing files, then I get this message:

"An error occurred during the move data process: -113

File: C:Windows\TEMP\GDG2E2\"

Please tell me that one of you computer wizards can help me with this.

I don’t want to reformat and start all over.


Delete your Windows Temp files so this folder is empty… Or maybe your CloneCD file isn’t good. Download it again from

And please do not use EZ CD Creator :wink: (just kidding, but I think it sucks)

Problem is solved.

I had an uninstaller program monitoring the installation when I had the problems.

I turned off the uninstall program and voila…Clone CD was back.

As far as the Adaptec software goes, I’ve just found it to be very user friendly. I like using the Direct CD to drag and drop.

My initial experiences with Nero weren’t too good. Maybe I should give it another look.

I have the new Plextor 16x burner which shipped with the Adaptec software…go figure.


You’re welcome. I have the 12X and I use Nero. It has the same drag&drop box but to my opinion has more options (especially with the new version 5.5).

Greets :smiley:

But make sure when U R going 2 use Nero, that DirectCD isn’t installed @ the same time when U R using Nero! Cause that will get U in trouble!!!

Thanks for the tip. I always use InCD because it’s also from Ahead and it won’t cause compatibility problems fir sure…