Help! Can't Download Or Save This File



I am trying to download this file, but it won’t work. I can only listen to it in Windowsmedasi Player (my default player). It is an MP3 file at 192kps. My boy Jay Tripwire did this mix, but he does not know exactly how to make it available for downloading so that I can burn it and save it to my hard drive. And yes Io hav e has permission to do whatever I want with this mix, so I am not using anything inappropiately. Can someone please take a look at this link and help me out? Thanks in advance for any help or tips!

Denver Matt


Right click on the link and the then [I]Save Link As…[/I] using firefox using IE it’s Save [I]Target As…[/I]


I just clicked the link & saved it - using Firefox. It’s a bit slow but it’s coming down now.


He has fixed it since last night! Thanks for the replies so far! I lurk or your forum at times and you guy are really great! This is one of the best discussion forums out there hands down! Thanks again!


I neglected to welcome you , so Welcome to CD Freaks.