HELP! Cant copy to DVD like before?

Hi everyone,

I need help. Basically when I stick a blank dvd into my drive, it doesnt recognise any space (either used or free) on the dvd, because of this I cant copy anything. I have tried 3 different brands of dvd and none work. 1 brand i have used for over a year to copy stuff. Cds can still be read and copied, and dvds that i have alreay copied can also be played. Just new dvd-r’s cant copy anything. I have been copying, using same computer and programs, for over a year and this is first time this has happened. Any suggestions?


Hope your dvd laser isn’t damaged.

If it can at least see the disc…
Get a program called dvdinfo pro there’s a free non intrusive ad supported version available.
DVDInfo Pro
Try to get the media information

Barring that I would uninstall it in the device manager and let windows find it again after a reboot.