HELP! Can't copy the Wedding Movie from China's DVD



Hi All,

I have a wedding DVD that was sent from a family in China. I wanted to make copies for my family in the US but this China’s DVD would not copy because I can’t play it on my dvd player. It says that this disc can not be play. I tried different method with DVD shrink and DVD decrypter and still doesn’t work. Is there something I need to remove? there are no region protections on the China’s DVD so I have no way of making copy for my family to play it on the dvd player. Please help


Hi All,

I think I figured it out. The China’s DVD is in a PAN version. How can I switch it to NTSC? please help. Thanks


blodg8, it should be PAL and not PAN, you can convert it to NTSC using nero vision. In nero vision go to More tab, there you can set it to NTSC. If you are not using Nero then check in your software which u r using. It should be there.


Sorry for the incorrect term.
I’m using Nero version 6 I think. So, all I need to do is select the NTSC version and do the DVD copy? So, converting the version to NTSC I should be able to watch on my DVD player right? Please confirm. Thanks for the response. I will try it out tonight. Looks like DVD Decrypter and DVD shrink doesn’t have this feature. thanks again SHAFING. You save my day. I promise my uncle that I can copy it.


Hey you are welcome!!!

Open Nero vision and follow the steps

Select DVD, Click on More, then Video Options and finally select the video mode. I have attached the image also.


Nice. I’ll follow that. Oh, but I just remembered when I was checking the information on the China’s DVD it might be mpeg. I might be wrong. I hope I am tho. question: When using DVD decrpyter, would it rip Video_ts files if it was Mpegs? cuz, when I ripped it, it gave me video_ts files (such as VOB…etc) I hope its not. But if it is, can I convert it to DVD files? thanks


Hi Shaft,

I have Nero 6.3 and it doesn’t give that option to choose it for NTSC video mode. Am I missing it? Please help?? thanks


How to convert PAL DVD’s to NTSC and vice versa.

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thanks for the Link. I have the Nero 6.3 can I download the Nerovision with my existing Nero 6.3 version as an add on? My version Nero does not have the Nerovision. where can I get Nerovision? what is the lastest version. thanks


I guess it is Nero vision 4. You get the trial version from Nero site (Nero 7) Nero vision is the part of the package and ofcourse you have to buy the key.


Hi Shaft,

I have error when using Nero Vision 4. I added the video_TS files and during the process of analyzing it gave me this. “the parameter is incorrect” what should I do? also, said something about the memory.

I need to show you the error. How can i post it on here? thanks


Yes please you can.


can you show me how? I can’t seem to attach the image.


here it is

please help me out. thanks

New Microsoft Word Document.doc (27.5 KB)


How much memory do you have, this seems to be a memory issue, Memory leakage i guess. Close down all used applications while burning.


I have 1gb ram. I only had that only and maybe just the bittorrent. still doesn’t work. is that another way to convert this??? It worked with MPEG right after I got the error message. what is going on? is it the installation? do I have to reinstall it? is there any updates to it?


Download a free Nero cleaning tool from the below link

run it, and try upgrading ur nero.


thanks Shafling.

I got it. it works great. I upgrade to the lastest version and it converted. thanks


I am glad i was able to help… :slight_smile: Enjoy the wedding :wink: