Help! can't copy downloaded music to cd

I purchased a bunch of songs on and I cannot seem to copy my files to my cd. Can someone help me out here? I have tried useing Nero and it say’s " files could not be added because the file formats are not supported". When I try using cd extractor the message “error reading.wma”.
Please help I need to resolve this very quickly. :sad:

What format are the files? If its not .mp3 or .wma, try to rename it to these formats.

Good luck.

As mentioned before, the file extention is wma. I’m at my wits end here, please help. I need these files urgently. :sad:

next time you need something urgent why not try searching first.

a quick search of this forum for: wma protection = this

… that wouldn’t exactly help because the problem isn’t the copyright protection not allowing him to burn. You should be able to burn the song 3 times.

I would recommend trying to use a different program or re-installing the current program you’re trying to use.

Nero won’t burn WMA-DRM files. Try Windows Media Player or Napster.

My question had nothing to do with copy protection and for your information I did search.

My thanks to the relevant feedback I received.

@ Ade007
As i understand you bought songs, so you should be able to burn them a few times!
If you use Nero to add the files and burn them, do you’ve the WMA plugin for Nero?
You can download it from Nero’s website, it’s free! :wink:

you`ll be supprised how many people post questions about copying these sort of files with out searching first, and i thought your question could have been answered by searching.

Go here:

download OSS Audio Converter. Assuming file encryption and not corruption,
this prog should convert your WMA’s to WAV. Nero will then burn to CD.