HELP! Cant Burn GTA:Vice City Even When I Know The Protection

I cant burn vice city install disk (havent even tried play disk), the protection is seruROM 4.8… Knowing this i went to burn image and selected secuROM 4.x/5.x from the drop down menu in Alcohol 120% but once it has finished dumping it comes up with 2 read errors and it says the file is 805meg even though i watched it dumping-it only dumped 671.3 ( i think thats the right amount-i know its the same as the amount on the cd) Can someone please help me!!! :confused: :confused:

And your problem is? Have you actually tried burning the image? [Btw, a raw image such as that made by alcohol is ~19% larger than the space it will occupy when burnt so ~805mb image for a 671mb cd sounds about right.]