Help, can't backup games to HD!

K, I’m using a Lite-on CD-RW/DVD Combo LTC 48161H, CloneCD v, and WinXP pro with sp1.

I looked in the device manager and it says that “Ultra DMA 2 - Ultra33” is on.

I want to backup Battlefield 1942 and RainbowSix 3, but everytime I try to create a CD image, the CloneCD log shows a bunch of “disk read error: block ####” message. I’ve tried the protected game CD, data CD, and game CD profiles that come with the clone CD installation, but it still doesnt work.

Someone please offer some help. Any information as to how to solve this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

CloneCD is not the best solution for backing up modern safedisc 2/3 protected games. Try Alcohol or Blindwrite. That being said, you should encounter read errors when trying to copy protected games- that’s part of the process of properly copying a protected CD. The errors should cease around block 10,000.

Ok, I’ll try using Alcohol 120%, thanks for the help!

You will also receive a lot of read errors using Acohol120%, but that is normal, it is part of the protection scheme.

Although CloneCD is not the best, I have had SafeDisc 3.10 success with it. Also, the read errors are completely normal, and should stop round sector 10,000 to Sector 10,500.

Good Luck!:slight_smile: