Help Can't Back Up "The Abyss" SP.Ed



I’ve been trying to back up my copy of “The Abyss” Special Edition … it has the theatical version and and extend version on the disk.

I use DVD Fab Decrypter and I also tried using DVD Decrypter … everything comes out as it should, but when I open Shrink I only have the extras … where the movies should be I only get the logo and the THX logo … the movies are not there. :disagree: :doh:

I have never had this happen … can anyone help? :confused:


Transferring to Copy DVD Movie forum… :wink:


Oh wow … a new section :clap: … or am I such a newbie that I never notice? :doh:

Well hopefully someone can help me with this problem … :iagree: … thanks. :bigsmile:


Try using just DVD Decrypter. There is nothing special about this disc.


I tried that and the movies didn’t show at all :sad: when I went into Shrink.
I know there is nothing special about this DVD, that’s why I can’t understand why it won’t download properly, there seems to be no reason for it. :confused: :disagree: :doh:

If this has happen to anyone please post! Thanks :bow:


Try giving the disc a really good cleaning.
Also clean your laser lens.


I updated Fab Express to the lastest version I had. Once I did that shrink had no problem finding it. :doh: :disagree:

Thanks. :flower: :iagree: :clap: