Help! Can't back up "Taking Lives" - getting error messages, disk not scratched



I am trying to backup Taking Lives and it keeps failing in DVD Shrink, telling me it is a cyclic redundancy failure. I tried to crack it with Decrypter and it gets stuck at 79%. When I have had this message before, it has been b/c the disk was scratched/defective, although this one didn’t appear to be. I took it back and got another copy, but this one is also getting stuck at the same exact point, which leads me to think there is some sort of copy protection with this specific movie. Any suggestions how to back this movie up? Is there a free program or trial I can use since my programs aren’t doing the job? THANKS!


Are you using CloneDVD? This is the CloneDVD forum…


Yeh, i backed it up with no problems using anydvd & clonedvd a few months back.


Yes, I do use Clone DVD, although that is not where I am running into the problem. I realize this forum is just for CloneDVD, but I always get such great help here, I though someone would have had this problem or know how to get around it with other programs many people use. Thanks!


If you do use clonedvd why are you not backing it up with that, and use a program that does work in stead of using one that doesn’t. :confused:


It’s the disc, the disc or the disc! It is not the program.


If you read correctly, he is using shrink, he also asked if there was another program, free or trial that he could use to back up this movie, i replied that i had backed it up with anydvd & clonrdvd, he answered back saying he has clonedvd, which will back it up along with anydvd as it did with myself, UK R2.

You may be right saying it is the disc, and nothing but the disc, but the disc will have a copy protection on it or some other crap on it, as he has had 2 disc’s fail at the same % using shrink & decrypter, all he has to do is give clonedvd & anydvd a chance in backing up this movie and to see if it goes past the 79% barrier.


After researching this problem on other forums, I have discovered many other people have had Taking Lives also stop at 79% in DVDShrink, with errors in Decrypter too. They believe it was a bad press of discs from the company, but not some sorty of copyright. I was just wondering if there would be a program that could get around this. I don’t have AnyDVD. I read that one solution is to re-author the disc in DVDShrink, taking out the bad VOB, which will let me backup the whole movie but just not the end credits. I am going to try this when I get home.
BJ, I would like to try AnyDVD, but since I have never used it, could you walk me thru the backup process?


Download the trial of anydvd from here save it, then choose, run. install it, when installed re boot pc, after reboot double click the red fox and select you region of where you live, click OK, exit program. insert movie and go into clonedvd and choose any of the top 2 options, as you have clonedvd you’ll know what to do. anydvd is just a driver that sits in the background, you won’t notice anythind different except that you’ll be able to backup more movies.

I hope you can follow my instructions.