Help! Can write dvd+r but not dvd-r

Can anyone help me I have a _NEC DVD_RW ND-1300A burner and for reasons known only to itself it won’t write DVD-R.
I am using Nero 6 ( I have also tried Nero 7 ) and when I go to burn to DVD-R I get an error which basically says illegal disc. The thing is previously I have been able to write to both DVD+R and DVD-R.
Does it matter what speed DVD you use or is this irelevant?
Also when you go to the option to change write speed the highest speed it is giving me when trying to write to DVD-R is 2.4x.
Yet when i put a DVD+R it wont even give me the option to change the write speed.
Please some one help me this is driving me batty!!!


Is this REALLY a 1300?

Look at the label on the top of the drive.

Also update the firmware and use GOOD media only.

write to DVD-R is 2.4x

No way, only +R/RW media can be burnt at that speed!

I got same problem. Is trying Sony 16D1 media (DVD-R ver.2.1 /1x-16x)
In Nero 6.6.03 cd-dvd speed program i get the message: "No additional sense information(053005)"
Nero mediaInfo say burning speed (with this media) 1X !!
I have another DVD-R media thats works perfectly. The Sony media is the first one I get problem with.

Hi Osbug, welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Can you give us a little more info? Drive, firmware (which can be found with Nero InfoTool)?

Maybe an error log which you’ll get when you try to burn too would help. :slight_smile:

Drive: Nec ND-1300A v.1.0B
Other error messages: "could not perform start of Disk-at-once. Burn process failed at 1.x"
Have tried 1.x, 2.x and max speed.

I think there’s a 99% chance that the Sony media is not supported in the drive’s firmware.

Your best bet would be to look around for some 4x media (as I believe that’s all the drive supports). Unfortunately, it’s a bit thin on the ground, so it may be new drive time…

Maybe someone else can offer better news…

On the track, I see no chance to burn that 16x rated media at 1x.
Take Arachne’s advice, look for some 4x rated dvd media.

Returned the Sony 16D1 media in exchange for Verbatim 16x and the burning work very well!!:-))
Even my video DVD recorder - Pioneer DVR-433H accept the Verbatim dvd without any problem.

Good to hear, obviously MCC (Verbatim) media is better supported in older drives than Sony!