Help! Can not get past 15x (burn) on my CRx215A1

I was given a Sony CRX215A1 48x24x48 drive for a gift. And the best speed I can get when burning cd’s is 14x-16x. (no matter what software I use) I’m using Memorex 700MB 40x multi speed disks, but they don’t say anything about “Ultra High Speed” compatible (aside from the 40x). Could that be what’s holding me back? I’m new to high speed burners, I was using a 4x2x24 for a few years now and finally upgraded, so 14x-16x is still a lot faster, but I should be getting faster than that out of this drive.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

I have had nothing but trouble from Memorex discs. Try using another brand if you can borrow one from a friend or buy some.

Before I tried the Memorex cd’s I tried some TDK cd’s rated to 16x. Would Sony’s “Power-Burn” buffer under-run error protection keep it from writing past whatever the cd was rated at? (I think I read that is one of the ways it prevents errors)

Plus, any particular brands of cd’s that anyone would recommend?

Your reported burn speed is consistant with not having
DMA enabled.

DMA is supposed to be enabled. To my knowledge I haven’t disabled it. I can’t check at the moment because I’m at work, but that will be the first then I do. And to be honest I hope it’s something as simple and easy as that.

Ok, I’m home now and I’ve checked the properties on my crx215a1. DMA was already checked. I was pretty sure it was but you never know with me sometimes.

OK, put a blank CD in the drive and run CDSpeed Transfer Rate test, it should come back with 48x max speed. You can also do a data disc writing test there.

Ok, I’ve done all that was mentioned and here is my results

Doesn’t look good to me

Any idea of what the problem is then?

Could the drive be damaged?

It might be worth it to try a firmware flash and see if that helps. I’m assuming you have exhausted other possible causes for this, like media, IDE configuration and drivers, etc. Does Sony offer any usefull support?

I have tried everything you mentioned without any noticable differences. (with the exception of drivers, I didn’t think any drivers were used for cd-roms/cd-rw’s)

I’m trying support now. I try searching (and posting to) forums before I try technical support because I usually get easier to understand help plus I just don’t like calling tech support.

I was referring to IDE controller drivers. such as VIA 4in1 drivers, if you have that type.

Ok. I wasn’t sure what you were talking about. And I’m using what ever drivers WinME installed when I upgraded to ME