HELP! - Cactus Content & Copy Protected Rip with Alcohol, EAC, or Audiograbber


I am completely stumped as to what to do. I have the CD “Sound Advice” by the Shapeshifters. It’s an import from the UK, but it does have a sticker that says its made in Hong Kong. I pop the CD in and autorun starts the Player.exe file. There is actually an option to save media to my computer but I get a fatal error. EMI has not responded to any requests, so I’m trying to get the files myself.

Now, I am lacking on the terminology so I may be missing the answer if it’s right in front of me, but here are my symptoms:

-I can’t play the tracks in Windows Explorer or via WMP.
-The tracks play fine through the program.
-I can see and grab the tracks via EAC (.95 b3) and Audiograbber, but the tracks sound like they’re skipping. There are no gaps or clicks–it’s just garbled. It plays 1/2 second clips of the songs out of order.
-I have Alcohol120%, but I don’t know what to do with it.
-Cluny (is that right?) told me that Cactus 4.0 is protecting the CD.

Nothing I’ve tried has worked. I don’t know what this C2/C1 stuff is that people are discussing, nor do I know what ASPI is. Help!


Does it play in a CD player?

If it does you can use a sound recording program to recored the audio using a dubble male ended 3/8 jack.

Plug it into the CD player and into the Line In or Mic slot on your computer

Open your recording software (Adobe audition, Adobe Premier, Some sound cards Come with EAX which has a MP3 and WMV/WMA encoding)

Then hit Rec and play and record the song.